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Alternative Names: TRICP, TRICH, 7140
Includes: Trichomonas Amplified
Sample Type: Cervical, Vaginal, Urine
Preferred Container: Aptima Swab (Orange), Aptima Urine container (Yellow)
Alternate Container: Thinprep Vial
Sample Volume: Aptima Tube, or Thinprep Vial
Handling Instructions:
Swabs should be assayed within 60 days when stored at 2-30 degrees C.
Urine should be assayed within 30 days when stored at 2-30 degrees C.
Thinprep samples should be transferred to the Aptima  tube within 30 days of collection.
The samples should be assayed within 30 days when stored at 2-8 degrees C or within 14 days when stored at 15-30 degrees.
Transport Temperature: Ambient
Specimen Stability: See Handling Instructions
Unsuitable Specimen: Unpreserved Urine. Swab specimen with multiple swabs, swab specimen without swab.
Testing Frequency: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Batched testing)
Expected Turn Around Time: 5 days
CPT Codes: 87591