Test Catalog


Genital Culture

Specimen Type:  Cervical or vaginal swab; urethral swab

Expected Turnaround Time: Prelim 24 hours, Final 3 days

Preferred Container:  eSwab – (WHITE) cap Amies Liquid OR (Green) cap Nasopharyngeal Amies Liquid

  • Instructions: Remove the (white) or (Green) cap from the eSwab tube making sure to not spill the medium.  With the other hand, grasp the swab shaft at the end with thumb and first finger.  Avoid touching shaft below breakpoint. Collect specimen with the swab. Reinsert swab into transport media (container) and bend the swab shaft at 180° angle to break it off at the colored ink breakpoint mark.  If needed gently rotate the swab shaft to complete the breakage and throw away the upper part of the swab shaft.  Replace the cap on the tube and secure tightly.

Alternate Container:  Culture swab (RED) Amies Liquid OR (Green) Nasopharyngeal swab in Liquid Stuart Medium

  • Instructions: Remove white cap from top of transport tube and discard.  Holding shaft by end with colored cap, collect specimen with the swab.  Insert swab (still attached to red or green cap) firmly into the sponge in the transport tube.  Do not break or cut the shaft.  Transport at room temperature after collection.

Use:  Isolate and identify potentially pathogenic organisms are reported; presence or absence of normal flora is noted.  Detects N. gonorrhoeae.  Susceptibility testing on significant pathogens will be performed at an additional charge.

Storage and Transport:  Maintain specimen at room temperature.   Do not Refrigerate.  Refrigeration may prevent the recovery on N. gonorrhoeae.

Methodology:  Conventional culture