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Kansas Pathology Services, LLC was founded in Hays, Kansas in 2003 at the request of a senior local surgeon to provide local service for his patients.

Soon others joined us. Founding philosophy established a central independent laboratory providing high quality, economical multi-specialty testing with the understanding that the patient is the client and low cost is the driving force. We became an interstate laboratory in 2006 with the formation of Prime Pathology Laboratories in Colorado.

We provide fast turn-around while meeting or exceeding federal and state laboratory standards. In most instances, results are available within 4-24 hours of specimen receipt, depending upon the location and specific tests ordered. Couriers understand the medical value of the specimens they transport.

We employ web based ordering and reporting, EMR or Fax to receive and send your test results. Telephoned verbal reports with read back error reduction technology are also utilized as appropriate, or when requested to minimize time between specimen receipt and results reporting.

Our modern, well-organized facility offers you rapid, reliable, professional laboratory services. Modern instrumentation, experienced technologists and a double board certified pathologist work on your behalf to ensure that your needs for services, testing, and results are met timely and responsibly.

We are a licensed and federally certified laboratory provider-owned and operated multi-state regional Full Service (Surgical, Cytology, Paps, blood and body fluid specimens, and full consultation services) medical laboratory. We are committed to providing high quality medical reference laboratory services to you and your patients. The personal touch shows!

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of testing to the patient and assuring that the test results actually improve patient care and patient outcomes is the goal of our quality assurance program. Even correct answers are useless if they arrive late or are not interpreted correctly. Our QA Coordinator is a board-certified pathologist. The QA Committee Chairman is the Medical Laboratory Director.

is an ongoing program that coordinates individual quality control, preanalytic, analytic, and postanalytic procedures, so that resources are used to their best advantage. Standards are established and maintained, with the goal of providing optimum health care for the patient. Our full-time QA Coordinator, initiates continuous ongoing studies for the purpose of providing quality patient care.

each phase of testing the specimen, to include its proper collection, transportation, accessioning, labeling, and processing in the department before analysis. All unacceptable specimens are documented and reviewed with the Medical Director. Specimen integrity checks are made routinely to ensure specimen quality is maintained during shipping. All “Critical” values are monitored to ensure that they are reported promptly and immediately brought to the attention of the physician.

in the form of proficiency surveys, is in continual review by shift personnel, department heads, and the Medical Director. Control data is reviewed for trends and shifts in results and appropriate corrective action taken when needed and documented. Medical Director of the laboratory reviews the data. All annotated results are documented and brought to the attention of the operations supervisor, who reviews these immediately with the testing personnel in an attempt to develop solutions to eliminate variances in testing or reporting.

laboratory reports when results indicate or requested by client. The Director monitors selected tests on a routine basis by pooling clinical patient history and comparing it to the laboratory data to provide information to our clients via newsletters, reference manual, staff meeting, and programs in an ongoing plan to find ways to improve diagnosis and patient care.


Fast turn-around while meeting or exceeding standards


Web-based ordering and reporting


EMR or fax to receive and send your test results

Committed to providing high quality medical reference laboratory services 

The personal touch shows!

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1212 E 27th St, Unit B

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